Welcome to the playground πŸ‘‹

Warning this site is in constant flux. Being a fun weekend hobby for me, I like breaking and putting it back together. Please feel free to reach if you have any questions or follow along.

This site is built with ❀️ in Gatsby, Heavy lifting hosting πŸ’ͺ on Netlify, and flooded 🏝 with content from Sanity.

My CSS and JS are a complete mess right now πŸ›. Stay tuned for updates around that.

About me

You will quickly find out that I am typically a glass half full type of person. I believe that the best output for success comes from working my hardest to encourage myself and those around me to reach their goals.

About Form

This will one day be a contact componant.

Site Release Notes

  • Version 0.0001

    This is the start of Version Tracking. Hello and welcome to this crazy world.

    • Installed Gatsby
    • Set up Netlify and Github
    • Worked out some crazy cool Dark Mode Css. πŸ™Œ Thanks to Sam Soffes Artical on this!
    • Blog and Portfolio Hooked up to different Data Structures
    • Added an About Page with these handy Release Notes